Life Insurance

ensures your family’s lifestyle is protected and provides for them when you no longer can.

  • Protection for your family’s future
  • Protection for your home or mortgage
  • Maintain your children's lifestyle
  • Relieves the financial burden for your family
  • Pay premiums for a specified time or your whole life
  • Option of adding Critical Illness Cover
  • Specialist policies for funeral expenses
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Life Insurance

Life insurance allows you to make sure your family or dependents are financially protected in the event of your death. Policies leave your loved ones with a lump sum or monthly payments over a specified period. Immediate financial commitments (mortgages & loan debts) as well as those in the future (university fees) are then covered and you relieve them of financial worry. Life insurance can also allow you to ensure your family can sustain the lifestyle you have already provided for them. If your children enjoy dance classes, or going on holiday, the payment from a life policy will mean they can continue these activities when you’re no longer there.

Price Guarantee

We deal directly with insurance companies to offer you their best rates together with our free advice and brokering services. If you are able to find a like-for-like policy cheaper elsewhere, we’ll complete the transaction for you and give you £50 cash.

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